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    "Twelfth Asia-Pacific International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition" Plastics and Rubber industry event
    2012/2/2 9:11:44
       "Promote technological innovation to broaden the application areas," Plastics and Rubber Industry Opportunities and Challenges

       In order to better meet the needs of industrial restructuring and industrial upgrading, timely and accurate reflection of the demand during the second five, the implementation of the "second Five-Year Plan" implementation guide healthy and rapid development of industry by the China Light Industry Association, China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, China Electrical Import and Export Chamber of Commerce and several industry associations and national authorities, together to create the "Asia-Pacific International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition" will be held September 6, 2011 to 9 in Shanghai Pudong New International Expo Center . Fair organizers hope that through this professional platform in the Asia-Pacific industrial upgrading and restructuring of the special period of play to promote and guide, really achieve "service for the industry, as business services," this exhibition purposes.

       Asia Pacific show witnessed the development of China's plastics and rubber industry advances in technology and with the difficult process of integration into the international, she is uniquely positioned to quickly reflect the domestic and international plastics and rubber products industry, the latest trends, businesses continue to attract attention at home and abroad, gradually become a large-scale plastics and rubber industry, plastics and rubber authoritative information on one of the professional exhibitions, and trade "high turnover, high service quality, satisfaction with the business' reputation, at home and abroad to establish a good brand image for industrial development, industry and progress to build up a solid bridge.

      Shanghai, as Asia-Pacific exhibition venue, is the center of China's Yangtze River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta region is the most active of China's economy, is also the most dynamic region, with strong IT, electrical appliances, automobile manufacturing, industrial instrumentation, lighting electrical, energy and other advantages of application of the industry, is an internationally renowned R & D and design centers located base. Packaging, electronics, home appliances, building materials, medical, automotive and other industries developed rapidly, irrigation, municipal, aviation, transportation and other needs is huge. In the process of changing the economic development model, the Yangtze River Delta region with a good foundation, will become the fastest growing region, as the coming period China's economic development engine.

      Technological innovation is the main theme, energy-saving environmental protection has become mainstream

      Plastics machinery industry should aim at the international advanced level, the energy saving as the development of plastic machinery, focusing on research and development of precision injection molding, precision extrusion equipment, environment-friendly polymer and composite materials processing technology and equipment, special molding, polymer materials forming process of green technology and equipment, recycling and safe disposal of equipment. Depending on the application requirements, production of special equipment for medical plastic precision, high-speed energy-saving plastic pipe, sheet plate, profile extrusion machine, plastic HV and EHV power cable, submarine optical cable, and other special equipment, energy efficient type of precision, micro- foam, high-speed machine, a large injection molding machine, large precision plastic rolling machine, large-scale rotational molding equipment, high impedance permeability and heat resistance of multi-layer co-extruded packaging materials and other blow molding machines, production of auto parts and other industrial parts The blow molding machinery.

      Plastics and rubber is the most important modern industry one of the four basic materials, applications are increasing almost daily, in all fields of national economy has always played an important role. With advances in technology, materials and energy saving green rubber processing machinery introduced to further reduce energy consumption, raw material resources to conservation, sustainable cycle of progressive realization of economic development.

      Excellent suppliers to bring new products gathered, filling the elegance of the main industry

      In the large international exhibitions, we always expect to see improvements to enhance the "new products" appear, such as new properties of materials, equipment, new features, new processing techniques. With the continuous progress of research and development, raw materials, performance tends to be more functional, complex, processing equipment tends to be more user-friendly, energy saving, specialization.

      Through the development of a dozen sessions, "Asia-Pacific International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition" has become a well-known large-scale, one professional brand exhibition, with the industry's reputation and influence, attracting many domestic and international plastics and rubber industries excellent supplier exhibitors, showcasing the latest plastics and rubber industry materials, processing technology, technology, equipment, including original and supplementary materials, plastics and rubber products, injection molding machines, extrusion lines, rubber machinery, blow molding machine, film blowing machine , casting equipment, knitting machines, printing equipment, recycling equipment, mixing equipment, molds, etc. In order to facilitate the professional tour, to visit and negotiate to improve the efficiency of the organizing committee and the division of the injection molding technology area, extrusion technology and equipment area, plastic packaging and printing, blow molding technology and equipment area, rubber molding technology and equipment area, original auxiliary materials and products, plastics and rubber zone, plastic zone mixed technology and equipment such as the six area, shall contain all the plastics and rubber materials, products, processing technology, recycling technology, molding process, manufacturing equipment and so on.

      Show the current can be described as elites, exhibitors active in virtually every aspect of domestic and foreign outstanding enterprises in China, such as Japan 's steel JSW, Kawada, Matsui, Kawaguchi, Toshiba, Star fine, smooth wild Kerry, Teijin, German de grid, Krauss-Maffei, Coperion, Bosch Rexroth, two official U.S. Milacron, music must, Thermo Fisher, Conair, create, Austrian intellectual products, Ai Kesi, Austria's prestige Meng Battenfeld, Avian Australia, Italy, Dirge, Taiwan, FCS, UPG, Yangming machinery, Tung Yu Hydraulic, Wei Fu Xing, full hair, Hua Wang, a hundred plastic, Alfa, the letter is easy , rock, containing the United States, HSBC Rail, Taichung Machinery, Wei was off, Hong Kong, LK, Wikipedia, Jia Ming, Mai Shide, Yizumi, China sea and the sky, Donghua Machinery, Guangzhou Borch, Jin Wei Machinery, Shandong Tong Jia, Jiangsu joint crown, Dalian third base, Qinchuan presses, Weifang cloud, Wei Li, China's space, Sound, Terry Hangzhou, Jiangsu Wisdom, Keya, the sea too, Putian, Dalian Rubber & Plastics, Huatai, Jiangsu joint crown, Suzhou, with a large, Guangdong Jin Ming, Shantou of honesty, Wuhan Chang letter, blond, Asia Pacific International, God, horses, in Greentech plastic, the sky, Kaifeng Yu Long, Huajin Group, Kumho Korea, South Korea world of, in the blue dawn, JLP and other nearly one thousand enterprises. The exhibits are also brought the latest development of the business including engineering materials, precision, large-scale injection molding machine, extruder speed, in-mold labeling technology, in-mold assembly technology, efficient mixed technology and equipment, plastics recycling technology and equipment , precision rubber molding technology, automatic control and automation technology, on-line monitoring techniques, rotation molding technology, large-scale multi-layer blow molding technology and equipment and other materials, processing technology and equipment, energy-saving environmental protection has become the protagonist in the new, advanced technology, leading the coquettish.

      Events colorful, full of expectations exhibition features

      Exhibition will be held during the forum, new conferences, seminars, training and a variety of industry association meetings and other activities, including the "China International High-tech materials in home appliances, electronic application technology on the General Assembly", "advanced molding techniques Institute, 2011 Advanced technical training courses, "" water-saving irrigation on agriculture and plastics industry forum "," Cable Summit "," auto plastics Forum "," PVC foam sheet molding technology training ", annual and other industry associations.

      At the same time the show opened, according to industry demand characteristics of the three zones, in order to meet different people in the industry, different companies, different market needs, and promote innovation in the industry in the application, reducing human resources, equipment used and unused waste of resources.

      Plastics and Rubber Industrial Technology Innovation Zone - to promote the industrialization of high-tech plastics and rubber process, technological innovation and market docking solve the bottleneck problem, reflecting the current industry's most advanced technology and equipment for scientific and technological achievements owner of intellectual property and investment the demand side of the project to build a platform to showcase products and technologies for research and innovation into the market to create a docking environment to showcase technological innovations in the industry.

      Personnel exchange area - for industry professionals and businesses to provide free information and publish job recruitment information platform to make plastics and rubber industry, people are able to fully play its role in changing the business due to shortages hinder the development of enterprises, but still most people because suitable work without wasteful status quo.

      Used equipment transactions, maintenance of transformation zone - in order to make full use of existing equipment resources to solve the production and processing, updating equipment, inventory of resources, or upgrade existing equipment for energy efficiency upgrades and updates. Area mainly plastics and rubber used equipment to provide transaction services, used equipment and idle equipment, maintenance and transformation.

      Overall, China's plastics and rubber industry, widely used because of the unique advantages, is very promising, but the talent, technology, the overall level still a gap with the international advanced level, the current situation facing very severe, and upgrading and structural adjustment , innovation will be the only way for industrial development, so enterprises should actively understand the industry dynamics, R & D of advanced technology, expand the applications, insight into the changes in the market, we also hope that "Twelfth Asia-Pacific International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition" In this special period, and promote the implementation of the second Five-Year plan, help the industry develop, guide enterprises to progress practical platform.

      It is understood, recognized as the industry's major international professional Chinaplas, "Twelfth Asia-Pacific International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition" exhibition area will reach 50,000 square meters, is expected to more than 50 countries from the 50,000 spectators into field visit, including Russia, India, Iran, Turkey, Indonesia, Brazil, Vietnam, Iran, Korea, Japan and Europe and other countries and regions, the proportion of overseas professional buyers will be the last Legco has greatly improved. Visitors from the building, building materials, water conservancy, municipal, packaging, aerospace, automotive, transportation, electronics, agriculture, logistics, transportation, medical, chemical, sanitary, furniture, household appliances, electrical appliances, toys, bicycles, sporting goods, apparel, Japan technology, lighting, office supplies, recreational supplies, advertising and other areas, as well as production, management and trade enterprises, investment and trade institutions, chemical research institutes, universities, industry associations, news media and so on.
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