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    Hainan Rubber over 400 million yuan in the first half profit plan "to go abroad."
    2012/2/2 9:09:55

      August 15 afternoon, the Hainan Natural Rubber Industry Group Co., Ltd. President Li Mingquan to the Eleventh National People's Congress of Hainan research group introduced the first half of this year the company achieved operating income of 4.305 billion yuan, an increase of 89.9% significantly; attributable to shareholders of listed companies The net profit of 422 million yuan, an increase of 54.11%. At present, Hainan rubber through the implementation of the "big marketing" and "going out" strategy, further control of the international natural rubber market discourse.

    Three deep-processing project in Hainan Rubber billions of value

      15 afternoon, the Eleventh National People's Congress of Hainan in the research group into the Old Town Economic Development Zone of Hainan Chengmai rubber processing industrial park, about Hainan rubber operations. Hainan Rubber born out of Hainan State Farms, is a new listed company, is one of Hainan State Farms of the results of the reform.

      Li Mingquan introduction, Hainan rubber processing industry park total of three deep-processing project, the latex silk warp and weft, and Anshun of rubber latex gloves and other items known knowledge. Jingwei's a rubber thread has been put into operation two imported Italian Po Se Si production lines to produce rubber thread 5520 tons, output value of 220 million, a groundbreaking ceremony held at the end of February this year, is now in normal production. Latex silk production during the first half of this year 192 tons. Two made plans to build eight production lines, annual output of rubber thread 27.6 thousand tons, production value of $ 1.1 billion. Three plans to build two imported production lines to produce latex silk 33,120 tons, output value of $ 1.3 billion.

      Anshun of a rubber products company has been put into a tread rubber production line, annual output of rubber, cushion gum, tread 6800 tons, output value of 177 million yuan. In March this year for equipment commissioning and trial production in the first half tread 111.6 tons of production, rubber 27 tons, 98% tread pass rate, 100% pass rate rubber. Two plans to build a tread rubber vulcanization production line, annual output of rubber, cushion gum, tread rubber will reach 150 million tons, production value of 3.9 billion.

      Known knowledge Hainan rubber latex gloves and Malaysia is a joint venture company set up to know to know the joint venture, one has built four production lines, annual output of gloves 700 million, the output value 120 million yuan. Into trial production in February this year, first half of the total production of gloves 58,450,000. Product qualification rate reached about 98%. Two plans to build 10 production lines, annual output of 1.7 billion gloves, the output value 320 million yuan. Three plans to build 30 production lines, annual output of 5.1 billion gloves, the output value 930 million yuan.

      Currently, the Double Coin Holdings, good tires, Bridgestone, triangle tires, Jiangsu General, Hebei Guohua and a number of well-known large-scale international and domestic terminals and tire products, plastic terminal business has become a stable customer Hainan Hai.

      Eleventh National People's Congress of Hainan Hainan rubber research group into the deep processing industrial park, to understand the operation of the rubber in Hainan

      Accounting for half of the share of Hainan Rubber planning "to go abroad."

      Liming Quan said that Hainan rubber is currently being implemented "big marketing", "going out" strategy, the business gradually diversify. In addition to planting rubber in the local share of resources, the Hainan rubber also actively participate in the competition in the market, expanding the market to trade control of more resources, increasing the market discourse. According to reports, the first half of the acquisition of Hainan rubber rubber accounted for half of the country's share of the share.

      It is understood, is to promote enterprise in Hainan rubber content type and extensional development, and further control of the natural rubber market, international voice. Content-type development, investment in gold is raised through the listing of key tapping technology to promote improvements to speed up update aging rubber plantation, rubber to improve production capacity.

      Extensional development is through the "consolidation of the island, across the Strait, to go abroad," the strategic plan, control more of the rubber resources. First, on Hainan Island Hainan where the rubber will increase efforts to control the people to plant rubber, in addition to 353 acres of rubber trees, the majority of local people will gradually control the cultivation of private plastic. Second, will expand to Yunnan, Yunnan rubber to increase control over resources, in March this year, Yunnan listed Jinghong City operations.

      Finally, there is the "going abroad" strategy, plans in Southeast Asia, Africa, suitable for rubber planting of state control of resources, in May this year, with Thailand, Thailand and China   Hainan gum rubber has signed a letter of intent to acquire 25% stake.

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