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    Short-term problems rubber market demand concerns
    2012/2/2 9:08:20

       Shanghai rubber futures contract on January 19 fell 1.37% in early trading. Weak U.S. economic data, the Chinese government to curb inflation may choose to raise interest rates, market concerns about demand for commodities will decline following the economic situation. However, as the much-anticipated economic stimulus policies, and China at low inventory levels, providing support.

      18, the New York Mercantile Exchange, September crude contract fell $ 5.20, or 5.94 percent, to $ 82.38 a barrel. U.S. jobless claims last week for the first time a small increase, indicating continued weakness in the U.S. job market. U.S. July existing home sales fell to their lowest level this year, price also fell sharply, indicating that the weak U.S. housing market can not pick up soon. In addition, the U.S. July consumer price index (CPI) recovery rally, as gasoline prices rebounded and food costs continue to rise. Prices, the Fed will not be conducive to the introduction of new quantitative easing policy. Bad data in the pressure, the U.S. stock market fell sharply, driving oil prices lower. Crude oil fell, to cut the cost of synthetic rubber, natural rubber prices on the negative.

       Weather conditions, natural rubber producing areas of Thailand, north-central Thailand, cloudy, cloudy south; areas of Malaysia, the Malay Peninsula in the southern rain, cloudy northern Kalimantan; areas of Indonesia, Sumatra, cloudy north of the equator, the equator in Sumatra South cloudy, cloudy south Kalimantan; China areas, showers, Hainan, Yunnan, to showers. Weather for rubber production and transport have little effect.

      Asian spot market, the first trading day, prices remain stable. Offer a wider range of rubber in Thailand, some sellers say that high prices of raw materials is limited, but the other seller's price in the range of low-end. September / October 3, Yan Pianjiao shipment Thai RSS3 470-475 cents per kg. 19, the Malaysian standard rubber SMR20 9 月 official quoted FOB morning fell.

      Elsewhere, 1-year central bank bills issued unexpected rise in interest rates, 3-year central bank bills issued after a lapse of three weeks after the restart, March, 3-year central bank bills issued both interest rates rise. 1-year central bank bills rate rose 8.58 basis points in March, 3-year central bank bills rate rose 8.17 basis points and 8 basis points. In the future inflation situation is still uncertain, the central counting rate up more the central bank will remain tight reflecting the tone of the attitude, if necessary, rate hikes will be the next alternative control tools. Foreign environment of weak economic performance, interest rates are expected to further increase the pressure on commodity markets.

      In general, commodity market is already stable. As the debt crisis in Europe could not solve the breakthrough performance of the U.S. economic slowdown concerns in the market and the global economic outlook, to suppress the demand for commodities. At the same time, China may raise interest rates worries are rising, despite the relatively good economic performance in China, but the duration of the tightening policies have brought the manufacturing sector of the economy is significantly down. <SPAN title=另一方面,宏觀經濟的低迷正成為政策寬松和擴大寬松的刺激因素,奧巴馬將公布一系列刺激就業的措施,重點在于減稅,而中國政府似乎也將為扶持經濟出臺一些方案。 xf="On the other hand, the macroeconomic downturn is becoming loose and expanding liberal policy stimulus, Obama will announce a series of measures to stimulate employment, with emphasis on tax cuts, while the Chinese government will support the economy seems to have introduced a number of p

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