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         The Raw edge v-belt mainly consists of three parts: top-layer fabric, tension member and bottom-layer rubber.

    1. The top layer is composed of one or more layers of cloth, which are following special treatment,has the features of abrasion, heat and oil resistance etc.

    2. The tensile member is composed of polyester cords, which are sufficiently solid to resist impact and stretch. The layer also provides heat shrinkage capacity, durability and serviceablility.

    3.The bottom rubber layer is composed of heat and oil-resistant CR. The fabric which specially treatment in CR ,provide high transmission efficiency ,low noise and guarantee the tention of trasmission system stable ,its life of using is longer.

      The raw edge V-belt have two cat surface on both sides of its body ,So their resistance to bending and heat is better than wrapped belt.our raw edge V-belt are produced according to the following technical standard GB12732,GB13352 which is used for our demostic customers,and SAE J636C,JASO E107,DIN7753 which are the technical standard form advamced contries are used for foriegn customers when they have different requirments.they can meet the requirments in different application.so they are sold to all over the world.

    The V-belt can be divided into common v-belt and narrow v-belt by structure. If you want to know the details of our product, click details


    1.We can produce belts according to your supplied sample or drawing.
    2.We can produce particular type belts as clients'request.
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